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4 Best Essential Oils for Colds – Natural Home Remedies

Is the cold weather giving you a hard time? Do you feel that a seasonal cold may hunt you down? Before running to the drug store to buy over-the-counter medicine, read this article as it will show you how to use natural essential oils for colds.

There is no need to abuse all sorts of drugs each time a cold is trying to ruin your day, because nature has various remedies to solve this issue even before it starts. But with these essential oils, you won’t just get an efficient remedy for cold, as you will also help your body strengthen the immune system, which will make you less exposed to colds in the future. So, here are some great natural remedies for colds.

In making these natural remedies for colds, you can use one single essential oil or you can blend several essential oils to make a more complex treatment. Choosing the best treatment lies in the effect you want to obtain while using the oils.

Best Essential Oils for Colds

If you want to use one single oil, it is best to know what are the effects of each oil, as there are quite a few you can use to fight colds.

1.) Tea Tree Essential Oil: Used tea tree oil in an aromatherapy inhaler or added to water for bathing to help ease airway congestion. It also has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

2.) Lavender Essential Oil: If you want to use essential oils with young children, lavender oil has similar properties while also being gentle and calming.

3.) Pine Essential Oil: Another great essential oil for dealing with stuffed nasal passages is the pine oil, which is also great in alleviating a sore throat, another bothering symptom of the seasonal cold.

4.) Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint oil is great due to its antiseptic and antiviral properties, and as an expectorant, if used in a steam inhaler. It is not recommended to use this oil for young children, as it can be quite potent. Try cedarwood essential oil instead.

Essential Oil Blend for Colds

For more complex treatments, you can use several essential oils for a stronger effect. For example, you can make a great balm to relieve nasal congestion and cough, by mixing eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, and lavender oil.

Step 1: Use a dark clean jar for the mixture and add in it 6 drops of eucalyptus oil, 2 drops of thyme oil, 4 drops of lavender oil, and a tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil.

Step 2: After you mixed these ingredients, you can use about one teaspoon of it to rub it all over your chest before going to bed, as it will help you relax and breath easily, promoting a good night rest. This is very important when fighting off colds, as a stuffed nose and a pesky cough can stand in the way of enjoying a good sleep.

Diffuser Blend for Cold

Here is another mixture that can be used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser.

Cold Blend: Add 2 drops of sweet orange oil, 2 drops of clove oil, 2 drops of cinnamon bark oil, and 2 drops of lavender oil to your diffuser with recommended water to the diffuser and let it work. The air will be cleansed and the scent of the room with a charming autumn scent.

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4 Best Essential Oils for Colds

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