Best Essential Oils for Chronic Inflammation

15 Best Essential Oils for Chronic Inflammation and How to Use

Learn how to use Essential Oils for Chronic Inflammation. Inflammation is a natural and necessary response for the body to stimulate healing. When inflammation is chronic, continuing over long periods of time, it becomes damaging to your health and wellness.

Lack of physical activity and improper eating are common causes of chronic inflammation.  Essential oils, regular exercise, and proper nutrition can help you ward off chronic inflammation.

Essential Oils for Inflammation

Many essential oils can naturally reduce inflammation.  Here are 15 essential oils that are considered to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

1.) Basil Essential Oil: Purifying herb oil, helps focus thoughts, has cooling qualities

2.) Bergamot Essential Oil: Citrus aroma, allow you relax and “let go”, assists with emotional imbalance

3.) Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Medicinal aroma, antiseptic oil, supports a healthy respiratory tract, promotes radiant skin

4.) Fennel Essential Oil: Warm and sweet aroma, aids in self-expressions and unlocking one’s potential

5.) Frankincense Essential Oil: Resin oil with potent anti-inflammatory properties, assists with wound healing, calms nerves

6.) Helichrysum Essential Oil: Regenerating oil that is skin healing, stress reducing, antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties

7.) Lemongrass Essential Oil: Tropical grass with a lemony aroma, supports the digestive system, eases aches and pain

8.) Marjoram Essential Oil: Warming and relaxing oil, eases anxiety, clears sinuses and loosens phlegm

9.) Myrrh Essential Oil: Resin oil, enhances well-being, anti-aging favorite, healing to cuts and skin

10.) Oregano Essential Oil: Strong antibacterial oil, dilute well with a carrier oil, helps with fungal infections

11.) Peppermint Essential Oil: Invigorating minty aroma, offers cooling effects, has analgesic properties

12.) Rosemary Essential Oil: Stimulating herbal aroma, clears the mind, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

13.) Sandalwood Essential Oil: Soothing rich woody aroma, restorative effect on mind and emotions, revives dry skin

14.) Thyme Essential Oil: Potent antimicrobial oil, strong herbaceous aroma, revives low spirits

15.) Wintergreen Essential Oil: Sweet and minty aroma, clears the head, antibacterial and antifungal effects, keep away from children

The above oils can be used in various ways, using a single oil or a blend of oils

How To Use Essential Oils for Chronic Inflammation

There are just a few ways to use anti-inflammatory essential oils:

  • Try diffusing 5 drops in an aromatherapy oil diffuser
  • Make a roll on and roll the oils onto bottoms of feet
  • Mix up a blend of 2-3 oils from list with water to create a room spray
  • Add several drops to unscented lotion and rub on body
  • Add 2-3 drops to a steam shower right before getting it

I am sure you can think of other ways to use essential oils for inflammation.

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Chronic Inflammation essential oils

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