Essential Oil Epsom Salt Bath for Sore Muscles

Essential Oil Epsom Salt Bath for Sore Muscles

There’s nothing better than a nice relaxing bath to help soothe tired muscles and achy joints, but sometimes a bath isn’t enough, especially when you have sore muscles from an intense workout or aching joints from arthritis. How about an essential oil epsom salt bath for sore muscles?

If you have tried essential oils before, you probably know that they make a great addition to your bath and make the experience even more relaxing. Aromatherapy baths are a great way to relieve muscle soreness and improve circulation. 

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

How many times have you been sore after a tough workout? If you’re anything like most people, you have had sore muscles after a long bike ride, a challenging run, or a tough tennis match.

If you’ve ever had a massage or sports massage, then you’ve likely already experienced the benefits of aromatherapy, the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. But what if you don’t have the extra cash for a massage? Thanks to essential oils, all you need to do is take a warm bath and you may feel some relief.

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Essential Oil Bath for Sore Muscles

Essential oils are used in baths to help soothe aches and pains, reduce stress, and provide a variety of other benefits. The key to an aromatherapy bath is to select the right mixture of oils to help you achieve your desired results. For a sore-muscled aromatherapy bath, select an oil that is therapeutic for pain.

I’m always looking for natural remedies for common ailments. When my teenage son complained of sore muscles, I immediately thought of using cypress essential oil in a warm bath. While I’ve long known that cypress essential oil is soothing and relaxing, it’s also been shown to be a natural muscle relaxant, so I thought this could be just the thing for his sore muscles.

Bath salts with essentials usually include either Epsom salt, pink salt, or sea salt. DIY bath salts with essential oils can help relax the muscles, making it a bath that is good for both the exterior and interior of your body.

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Essential Oil Epsom Salt Bath for Sore Muscles

Looking for a fun and creative DIY project to do? Try making homemade aromatherapy bath salt! Simply dump the ingredients into a glass jar, and you’ll have an amazing bath salt that’s perfect for relaxing and calming your mind and body. This bath salt can be used for a number of things, from relieving muscle pain to soothing mental health.

Essential oils have a number of benefits that can make your life healthier. Bath salts can be added to your bath, the salt will dissolve in the water and the essential oils will evaporate from the warm water and release their scent. They can be used to open up your sinuses, relieve pain, and even help digestion.

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What is epsom salt good for?

Epsom salt is a natural mineral compound that is made up of magnesium sulfate. It has many uses, including:

Relieving pain and inflammation:

When dissolved in water, epsom salt forms a Magnesium Sulfate Solution (MSS). This solution can be used to soak inflamed areas of the body, such as muscles or joints, to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Improving sleep quality:

Epsom salt can also be absorbed through the skin to help improve sleep quality.

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DIY Muscle Soothing Bath Salt

I want to show you how to make a bath salt that’s going to be really soothing. If you’re feeling like your muscles are sore, this is such a great blend for that. So we have put 1 ounce of pink Himalayan salts into this glass jar, you could use any salts you like.

I’m going to add some vanilla infused jojoba and cypress essential oil and orange essential oil. Okay ready? It’s really easy and fun to make. I have this vanilla jojoba but this is jojoba that’s infusing with vanilla oleoresin at the bottom and I’m just going to use a teaspoon of this and this is going to be nice to protect your skin from the essential oils so that they don’t disturb your skin in the hot bath.

I’m just putting one teaspoon of the vanilla jojoba right in and it doesn’t really have to be exactly one teaspoon I mean if you wanted to just put a little bit more in you could. The smell is so comforting, a beautiful vanilla aroma and then usually when I use essential oils in the bath.

I go with around 5 drops per bath so I’m making one bath salt right now and I’m going to use 3 drops of Cyprus and 2 drops of orange. I’m just going to put the 3 drops of Cyprus right in with the jojoba in the bath salt. Cypress is great if you’re feeling like your muscles are sore, it’s really going to help reduce swelling. It’s going to help reduce pain, it’s very centering very emotionally centering so you feel better when you feel less pain you obviously are going to feel so much better.

Same with the orange essential oil, it’s really uplifting but also really soothing for sore muscles and tension. It really gets underneath tension and calms it down so we’re just going to put two drops of orange in here. The orange comes out fast so take it slow, there we go two drops and then just take a little stirring rod mine has a little beautiful little bird on it and we’re just going to mix it up.

It’s really simple and I like to mix it pretty well and once it’s all mixed up then you can put this whole blend into your bath. If you like this and you want to make a larger amount just to keep on hand you can do that. You can get a larger glass jar and make a larger amount and then just use an ounce of it for each bath.

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Essential Oil Bath Salt Recipe

Essential oils are great for many things, including aromatherapy baths. Taking an aromatherapy bath uses the power of essential oils to soothe sore muscles, reduce stress, improve sleep, promote relaxation and much more. The best part is that you don’t need to break the bank buying fancy bath oils, just use what you already have—your essential oils.

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Essential Oil Epsom Salt Bath for Sore Muscles

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